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Digital Cost Management: Innovation in Cost Management

COSMAN carry out measurements, control and management of business costs in digital mode, thus being able to read digital information in an integrated and organic way from the network of devices and digital applications that can monitor purchasing and consumption processes of certain productive factors categories. Today COSMAN distinguish themselves as providers of the first integrated platform of Digital Cost Management called SHAPER®, a proprietary tool for Business Analytics that allows for innovative and continuous cost monitoring, as opposed to a traditional approach that involves individual and discontinuous interventions, often brought on by external events or exceptions.
Solutions and Services

Cost Management Services

COSMAN intervene on those cost categories the client wishes to optimize. Applying a consolidated method, we first perform a preliminary diagnosis to position the company on an efficiency scale and to identify potential savings on the costs examined. We then draft an improvement plan to be shared with management and we finally proceed to implement the recommendations and monitor the results. COSMAN's financial remuneration is based only on the actual savings obtained and limited to the first year of intervention.
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Assessment of Tax Burden on Wages

The tax burden on wages is an important cost category that contributes to the definition of the cost of working and can thus be subject to optimization and rationalization, starting right from INAIL (National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work) insurance and INPS (National Institute for Social Welfare) contributions. As regards INAIL, it is possible to identify savings by verifying the proper rate classification of risks, the handling of accidents, and the potential discounts due for the preventative measures adopted by the company. As regards INPS, potential savings arise from verifying the correct categorization of personnel, the payroll and LUL (payroll ledger), the corresponding amounts (travel, sickness, maternity, regulation 104/92 on disabilities, family allowance), and the correct calculations of the payroll software for both insourcing and outsourcing.
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Process Mapping, Measurement and Redesign

The type of work promoted by COSMAN often has to do with the internal structure of the company, tied to activities that regard the organization as a whole. There are interesting opportunities for rationalization in rethinking the organization and the functioning of these internal processes through mapping and optimization methods and tools (BPA/BPR, Lean Six-Sigma, DMAIC/DMADV, etc.). Technological innovation and experimental organizational modes allow us to reach savings levels that would otherwise be impossible. The COSMAN expertise allows us to transfer best practices from one sector to the next, with an innovative interpretation of the context.
Solutions and Services

Independent and Multi-Source E-Catalog

Digital catalogues are very effective to manage commodity purchases, so as to simplify procedures, optimize prices, minimize warehouse inventory and stockpile, standardize supplies, give responsibility to the supplier. This tool is often provided by the suppliers themselves: in this case, however, the user tends to buy more rather than to contain expenses. COSMAN on the other hand offers an RMS e-catalogue, independent and multi-source (it can interface with any company's ERP), in which the client can give access to multiple suppliers, have full control over the proposed offers, define several levels of purchase authorization, manage favourites and standard shopping carts for repeat orders, keeping a final balance by accountable centre and complete access to orders, deliveries and invoices.
Solutions and Services

Corporate Needs Estimate and Mindful Budgeting

The first step in the proper optimization of productive factors is the quantification of the business' resources needs. Many cost categories can be classified as indirect costs because they cannot be attributed to value services or items, and are thus not easily correlated to the volumes the business has reached. They are often appraised as a total and related to habits. COSMAN offer support to monitor and quantify all cost drivers at the bottom line of indirect costs, favouring the correct estimate of business needs with accurate profiling of all users and the consequent provision for a mindful budget.
Solutions and Services

Organizational Sizing and Infrastructure

Working on the sizing of the organisation means aiming to improve their efficiency, relating the size of the organizational structure with their processes, roles, competences and strategy. The proper sizing can also affect the infrastructure of the company, such as their logistics network, where the optimization of the characteristic processes with BPR tools and Lean techniques can lead to significant savings. Furthermore, analysing the business needs and their evolution can put on the table a discussion on the location choices, establishing the proper space needs and thus the most suitable real estate solution, through Real Estate Sourcing optimization.
Solutions and Services

Position Analysis in Consumption Processes

COSMAN offer an analysis of the positioning of their own clients as related to the consumption process as regards the costs analysed. It is not an industry benchmark based on statistical sampling, but rather a custom analysis of the client and their consumption processes. We then compare the data with what we have gathered over time as regards similar organizations in size and resource usage, even though they belong to different sectors. Opportunities are born from the transfer of experience, we must look "out of the box".
Solutions and Services

Benchmarking and Support in Supplier Management

Even something as simple as the purchasing contract terms and conditions can be the focus of COSMAN's services. To select a valid alternative to your current suppliers COSMAN perform an accurate benchmark analysis taking into consideration the contracting structure and the terms and conditions offered by the available suppliers on the market, thus highlighting margins of potential negotiation. To select a new supplier, COSMAN offer their support throughout the whole purchasing process, from setting up the tender to managing the contract, including the definition of specific SLAs and KPIs. To complete the range of our services, we research alternative suppliers with "last call" logic, so as to contribute to improving the client's purchasing conditions.
Solutions and Services

Dynamic Modelling to Choose Suppliers

As part of the applications related to Digital Cost Management, COSMAN have developed the software module SELFOR® which determines the best supplier to whom to entrust the supply of a service each time, or the option to engage multiple providers (parallel sourcing). It is an application that uses the suppliers' price lists used by the company and applies a decision algorithm to select the most advantageous offer. The algorithm applies dynamic modelling, combining on one hand the details of the required service and on the other the characteristics of the offer from the individual supplier.
Solutions and Services

Company Policy Writing

COSMAN carries out Cost Management projects so as to avoid sacrifices in the company's organization and to maintain stability in the levels of service, quality and security. This is why it is fundamental to consider company policies as obligations that must not be called into question. When, on the other hand, a revision of current policies can contribute to cost optimization, COSMAN apply their own experience, accrued in national and multinational companies, to contribute to the revision of certain rules relative to different cost centres, such as business travel, the vehicle fleet, food service and lunch vouchers, company contributions, office supplies and consumer goods, maintenance, telecommunications.
Solutions and Services

Personnel Training for Cost Management Roles

Carrying our Cost Management activities means bringing together skills in programming and cost control, with the ability to challenge individual cost owners. They are professional figures with technical background and specializations that are asymmetric to the controllership, so much so that they have to follow information that comes from technical management. COSMAN offers training for in-house resources, with the objective to prepare some resources for the role of Cost Manager. This allows for a continual cost optimization activity, offering the company all the competitive advantages that derive from steering the productive factors towards the maximising value.
Solutions and Services

Redesign of a Single Business Unit

The analyses within every competence centre boast a particular vertical specialization, accrued with fieldwork and, in most cases, through a professional career that included roles with responsibilities in the industry. Thanks to such expertise the analyses can intervene on single business units so as to provide reorganization and redesign services, with the aim to reach the maximum level of optimization on specific costs. The most frequent areas of intervention are: Purchasing, Maintenance, Energy, Logistics and Transport, Personnel Administration, Real Estate Management, etc.
Solutions and Services

Temporary Management for the Single Business Unit

The analysts within each competence centre have been chosen by COSMAN because they come from the corporate world. They have thus accrued considerable experience within the field and they have often taken on managerial roles in business units pertaining to their specialization.

This allows COSMAN to provide temporary management services for a single business unit, paying special attention to the optimization of specific costs, in the following units: Purchasing, Maintenance, Energy, Logistics and Transport, Personnel Administration, Real Estate Management, etc.

Solutions and Services

Other Specialized Services for Business Units

Each Centre of Expertise gathers analysts specialized in working on a single Business Unit, using advanced services that satisfy precise needs, such as:

  • Support in choosing IT systems for the work force;
  • Construction of an operative model to consolidate HR's information flow;
  • Implementation of a post-payroll information process management system for HR controller & reporting, including Worldwide projects;
  • Packaging redesign to optimize product transport;
  • Services to minimize the import-export economic and bureaucratic impact to obtain: ITV (Italian Customs' Binding Tariff Information), IVO (Italian Customs' Binding Origin Information), Authorized Exporter status, Local Clearance Procedure and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator);
  • Outsourcing of City Council relations management, as regards rubbish tax.
Solutions and Services

Support for Performance Arbitrage in Private Equity

The expertise in Cost Management and in Digital Cost Management, alongside the success-based fee, make COSMAN's services very interesting for Private Equity, in both the pre- and post-purchasing phases. COSMAN provide their own analysts to draft the pre-acquisition assessment and due diligence on cost structure, so as to quantify the potential savings of the companies to be acquired.

During the post-acquisition phase, it is useful to begin cost optimization projects on the acquired businesses, so as to obtain performance arbitrage and act on the operative and structural efficiency, to maximize value.

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